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    Here at ‘The Old Foundry’ you will have approximately 3 hours of pure adrenalin, testing your own personal and your team’s abilities.  Training staff shall ensure fair play, safety and a fun day of paintballing for all!

    Paintball Itinerary for the Day:

    • Arrive, promptly, on site for start time
    • Sign in and be issued your kit for the day
    • Be briefed on the day, safety briefing and Do’s & Don’ts
    • Meet your team-mates and stratergise your attack
    • Goggles on
    • Pick up your weapons and wait for the whistle
    • Let the fun begin!

    You will play between 8-10 games of paintball on our 4 varied and excellent game zones. You will usually break between games, allowing you to have a drink and boast to teammates how good you were. The action is interrupted for a short lunch stop, use it to re- energise for the afternoon session.

    Paintball Game Zones:


    Packages Include:

    • The Tippman Semi Automatic Gun
    • Boots and Sand Camouflage Overalls
    • Full Face Mask and Safety Goggles
    • Ammunition Belt with 150 paintballs
    • Extra paintballs (€5 per 100)

    Price: €25 per person / €20 for students
    Group Rates Available on Request
    Age Limit: 14 yrs +


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